Planned Giving - RCA Foundation

Planned giving enables you to plan for your retirement and also take advantage of means to invest some of your assets in work of God's Kingdom.  The Regional Synod of Canada established the RCA Foundation Canada to carry out gift planning on behalf of the congregations, participating agencies and individual donors in Canada.The Regional Synod's Foundation

The Regional Synod's Foundation is:

A public, non-profit foundation dedicated to building  a caring, vibrant  Church and Community  on behalf of the Regional Synod of Canada

It is is a corporation established under the provisions of the Canada Corporations Act. The RCA Foundation Canada is a registered federal charity under the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, Charity Division. Charitable No: 86306 5561 RR 0001 

The Foundation will gladly provide one of its Financial Planners and/or members to meet with individuals or groups.

Means of Giving

Outright gifts.

 A Charitable Bequest is a gift made through a person’s Last Will and Testament. It could consist of gifts of cash (specific amounts), real estate or other property but usually is a percentage of the donor’s estate. Special tax incentives are in place for gifts of appreciated property. You may bequest amount equal to the amount bequested to other children.

The Charitable Gift Annuity enables you to give a substantial gift and enjoy an excellent income for life. A large portion of the income you receive is tax exempt and donors qualify for a one- time charitable donation receipt for a portion of the donation as well. This income ends at death and the portion remaining in the Annuity is given your selected charities.

An Endowment is a permanent gift that is invested for a minimum of ten years. The income earned is used by the charity each year. Thesecan be set up in various ways, depending on the wishes of the donor. Funds are set up for the projects listed in the brochure and we are open to discussing other funds you may want to start for ministry in the Regional Synod of Canada.

A Donor Advised Fund allows you to set up fund held by the RCA Foundation Canada. You receive an immediate charitable tax receipt and we hold these donations until you are ready to gift them to individual registered Canadian charities. The accounts accrue interest which may also be directed to the charities of your choice.

A Revocable Deposit Agreement is a combination of investment and planned gift. The donor will receives up to 50% of the earnings and the remaining interest earned will be distributed to the charities that the donor has selected.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities enable you to make donations that allow you to realize significant profits from the appreciated securities you wish to donate, pay no income tax on the gains realized, make a generous gift to charity and make use of the excess tax credit generated from this gift to reduce other tax liability.

Life insurance can be an excellent planned giving tool for a donor who wishes to make a substantial gift to charity. Donors may name charities as beneficiaries of a life policy and have their estate receive tax credits for the gift at death.

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To whom can you make donations?

Gifts can be for a charity of your choice, RCA agencies, Women's Ministries or the following areas within Mobilizing for Mission.

The Mobilizing for Mission Fund is for all areas of our Vision. These monies will only be disbursed upon applications which have been approved by the related local churches, classes and the Regional Synod of Canada.

Gifts can be made specifically to one area of our Vision as follows.

The Multiplication Fund provides support to new church planting.

The Revitalization Fund provides support for churches desiring to enact programs that have the potential to revitalize their congregation.

The Discipleship Fund provides support for promoting discipleship. It provides funding for educational resources, educational conferences, Synod wide discipleship emphases, audio, video, print and other resources for church libraries, and other discipleship programs \.

The Mission Fund provides support for mission work outside local outreach activities. The funds may be used for supplies and materials for short-term mission trips, and for special mission projects.

The Leadership Fund provides support for the growth and educational development of pastors and other leaders within the RCA in Canada.