Highlights of our
Annual General Meting
April 24-25, 2014


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  • Started Review of Goals and Minisries

  • Elected Graham Olsen Vice-President

  • Dissolution of RCA Foundation Canada

  • MFM Support for Work of Centre for Public Dialogue and Human Trafficking Coordinator

  • Increase Assessment to $42 per member

  • New Long Term Disability plan - July 1

  • Reports form Words of Hope, World Renew, General Synod Council

  • RSC Church donated $76,000 to World Relief in 2013

  • Host church, Branford provided excellent meals and hospitality




Radically Following Christ in Mission Together

Being led by the Holy Spirit, serving with each other, embracing our diverse world and striving for a multicultural future freed from racism, and working with all the  partners that God provides, as we move toward a fifth century of mission and

ministry, the Reformed Church in America commits to focus its efforts for the next fifteen years on the following three

interconnected strategic priorities:

1) Cultivating Transformation in Christ

• Developing passionate disciples filled with the Holy Spirit and the

truth of the Word who effectively make followers of Jesus who

live and love like him.

• Deepening our spiritual journey in ways that are biblical and


• Loving and embracing all people.

• Opening ourselves humbly to deep change under the guidance of

the Holy Spirit.

• Increasing our personal and corporate devotion to God, emphasizing

prayer and worship.

• Building intentional intergenerational discipling relationships.

• Engaging conflict in healthy and redemptive ways.

2) Equipping Emerging Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

• Increasing the awareness that God is calling youth and young

adults to become leaders.

• Developing youth intentionally for missional, congregational, and

pastoral leadership.

• Mobilizing emerging leaders for service in the church and world.

• Preparing leaders of all ages for fruitful ministry in diverse


• Cultivating diverse and healthy leaders within the total membership

of the body of Christ, so that churches can thrive.

3) Engaging in Christ’s Kingdom Mission

• Contextualizing ministry and church in new and expanded ways.

• Prioritizing youth involvement in missional ministry.

• Serving as agents of renewal through putting our faith in action.

• Promoting justice, compassion, and reconciliation.

• Expanding mission that is both local and global with equal

passion and commitment.

• Equipping existing churches to move outward in ministry.

• Embracing our mission to the world and sharing the good news

of the gospel with everyone.

• Multiplying missional communities and new churches that put the

love of Christ into action.



Faith groups join Cootes stewards for some heavy lifting


Westdale Reformed teams up with Synagogue to Clean up neighbourhood as reported in teh following article from the Hamilton Spectator

Stacey Escott

A church, a synagogue and a group of environmentalists banded together to haul out more than 20,000 pounds of discarded rubble — brick by brick, at a community cleanup that began with a blessing.


Members of the Westdale Reformed Church and Temple Anshe Sholom, a synagogue also in Westdale, teamed up with the Stewards of Cootes Watershed to clean up a piece of Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) property in an area behind the church on Paradise Road North Sunday afternoon.


"When we were contacted by the synagogue about it, we were very excited. It gets us out meeting the people of Westdale, blessing the area in Westdale and working with the synagogue, which is terrific," said the church's pastor, Stan Seagren.


The groups got in contact through Alan Hansell, executive director of the Stewards of Cootes Watershed. When the church members were invited to a recent service at the synagogue to learn about their worship style, the groups came up with the idea for the cleanup. They are now planning more events in partnership with the stewards.


The afternoon started with a blessing from Seagren and included a song by Paula Baruch, a cantor at the synagogue.


"There is a natural fit here … taking care of the planet and stewarding the land is very much in alignment with the beliefs of both faiths," said Hansell.


The group dug up bricks and concrete patio stones that were spread out over an area of roughly 400 square metres. The green space is a part of the RBG property that has been subject to urban encroachment for decades.


Hundreds of bricks were left on the property illegally and it's expected they'll all be gone by Monday. No one knows where they came from.


The stewards will try to reuse as much of the materials as possible.


Dundas Valley Montessori School will take a big load of bricks. They will also use some of the patio stones for the base of a greenhouse they are going to build.


The city will clear away the rest of it and crush it up to use as road bed material, Hansell said.

Church member Richard Boesveld, got his sons and nephews out for the afternoon and said he's enjoyed getting to know synagogue members over the past few months.


"We have our parishes in the same community and we feel this is a way to make a good impact and give back. We get to know each other in our differences and our similarities."




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