Report to Classes - Spring 2014


New Life Community Church (RCA Canada) is seeking a Lead Pastor for its faith community of about 170 believers located in Burnaby, BC, which is a vibrant, fast growing, city with an increasingly diverse and multicultural population.


 If you would like to learn more about our church and how God might use your gifts in our midst, please explore our profile. or contact us at


Grace to you and peace, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ"


Our Vision

The Regional Synod of Canada is called by God to mobilize the classes, churches, pastoral leadership, and laity into mission. Mobilizing for Mission will help transform God’s call and our dreams into reality. We mobilize the church by preparing the church and providing resources for mission. Mission is responding to Christ’s call to “Go and make disciples.


It includes:

Mission Support Opportunities

Van Ankums - off  to Zambia

Educating Ghana's less fortunate




Radically Following Christ in Mission Together

Being led by the Holy Spirit, serving with each other, embracing our diverse world and striving for a multicultural future freed from racism, and working with all the  partners that God provides, as we move toward a fifth century of mission and

ministry, the Reformed Church in America commits to focus its efforts for the next fifteen years on the following three

interconnected strategic priorities:

1) Cultivating Transformation in Christ

• Developing passionate disciples filled with the Holy Spirit and the

truth of the Word who effectively make followers of Jesus who

live and love like him.

• Deepening our spiritual journey in ways that are biblical and


• Loving and embracing all people.

• Opening ourselves humbly to deep change under the guidance of

the Holy Spirit.

• Increasing our personal and corporate devotion to God, emphasizing

prayer and worship.

• Building intentional intergenerational discipling relationships.

• Engaging conflict in healthy and redemptive ways.

2) Equipping Emerging Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

• Increasing the awareness that God is calling youth and young

adults to become leaders.

• Developing youth intentionally for missional, congregational, and

pastoral leadership.

• Mobilizing emerging leaders for service in the church and world.

• Preparing leaders of all ages for fruitful ministry in diverse


• Cultivating diverse and healthy leaders within the total membership

of the body of Christ, so that churches can thrive.

3) Engaging in Christ’s Kingdom Mission

• Contextualizing ministry and church in new and expanded ways.

• Prioritizing youth involvement in missional ministry.

• Serving as agents of renewal through putting our faith in action.

• Promoting justice, compassion, and reconciliation.

• Expanding mission that is both local and global with equal

passion and commitment.

• Equipping existing churches to move outward in ministry.

• Embracing our mission to the world and sharing the good news

of the gospel with everyone.

• Multiplying missional communities and new churches that put the

love of Christ into action.

About Us

The Regional Synod of Canada (RSC) is one of eight regional synods in the Reformed Church in America. The Regional Synod of Canada provides spiritual and practical leadership by shepherding leaders, congregations and classes.  We cast the vision of the Synod, coordinate new church developments and serves as a catalyst for congregation renewal. more

Our Vision

The Regional Synod of Canada is called by God to mobilize the classes, churches, pastoral leadership, and laity into mission. Mobilizing for Mission will help transform God’s call and our dreams into reality. We mobilize the church by preparing the church and providing resources for mission. Mission is responding to Christ’s call to “Go and make disciples.”  more


        • Deepening our own faith and commitment.
       • Sharing the message of God in word and deed.
       • Reaching out in love both locally and abroad.


Mobilizing for Mission will take many forms:

       • Introducing a new discipleship process.
       • Beginning a new church ministry.
       • Planting a new church.
       • Developing and sending out leaders.
       • Providing people with opportunities to engage in mission.


Mission does not begin with what we do. Mission begins with changed hearts, and with people who want to serve God, glorify His name, and build His kingdom. Only then can we hear God’s call as we cast vision and discern how and where we will do mission.


We are in the process of seeking God's guidance as to how we, the RSC might live out the above vision faithfully and effectively.


Our Vision states that "Mission begins with changed hearts. What we do comes out of who we are in Christ  and in becoming who God has created us to be. Only when we are transformed are we able to be used by God to transform others. The first priority of the RCA's vision "Transformed and Transforming"  is "Cultivating Transformation in Christ."


As we completed a visioning process with New Life Community Church in Burnaby and commence this process in Athabasca, I came to realize that many people think that this process is about what a church can do to grow. However, as we discern God's preferred vision for a church, often our action plans seek to answer the question, "How we can be used by God to transform those who are already following Christ to be fully devoted to our Lord!


Four churches in Classis Ontario are currently participating in Ridder Church Renewal, which is about transformed leaders, renewed congregations. Ridder is intended for: Congregations committed to making deep change to reach God's preferred future.


Ridder is about changed hearts and we are hosting a retreat on Vancouver Island in late March, based on Ridder principals. We hope to have similar retreats across Canada in the near future.


Jennifer Lucking, Coordinator of Human Trafficking Outreach, works with congregations to raise awareness about human trafficking and discover together how we can further engage with this issue, either locally in your home community, nationally, or globally. You can contact Jennifer at For more information.


Debbie van Hoeve continues to represent us on the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue and is available to help you understand the struggles and history of the First Nations in Canada.


We thank the churches and individuals who generously support Mobilizing for Mission (MFM). With these funds, we continue to provide grants for church plants, revitalization, pastor sabbaticals and other initiatives.

We are thankful for the articles contributed by you for our articles published in the RCA Today publication. Please continue to send stories to us to publish in RCA Today or on our website. You may also post stories the Regional Synod of Canada Facebook page.


Please remember to send your church’s prayer requests in order that we can continue to pray for one church across Canada each Sunday. We encourage each church to have a prayer coordinator and to advise your Classis Prayer Coordinator of any changes as to who this person is.

Administration and Financial Matters

The Regional Synod of Canada is responsible for administering insurance and pension plans for pastors and staff, as well as the processing contributions to the RCA and Words of Hope. Barb Laidlaw, Administration Manager oversees this work and we thank God for her faithful work. (over 15 years).

**Please share the following important information with your deacons and treasurers:

1. Our insurance brokers are seeking quotes for Long Term Disability (LTD) since we will no longer be on the RCA plan after June 30, 2014. In the meantime, all LTD premiums paid must be sent to our office and we will forward them to the RCA.


2. We invoice churches monthly for Health Care premiums and contributions to the Pension Plan. It is important that you pay these invoices. If you do not send the pension contributions when required , your pastor and staff pensions will be affected

3. We remind you that all monies to e sent to either the RCA or Words of Hope must be payable to the Regional Synod of Canada and sent to our office.  We will not forward monies to Seminaries or other organization in the US.

4. To help us with our cash flow, we ask that the Classes pay the Regional Synod assessments in five equal installments on the following dates - Feb. 28, April 30, June 30, September 30 and November 30.


We welcome Rev. Paul Heidebrecht as a delegate from Classis Canadian Prairies to the Regional Synod of Canada. The current delegates to the RSC are:



Classis British Columbia - Mrs. Gail Hughes and  Rev. Steve Hayes


Classis Canadian Prairies - Mr. Graham Olson and Rev. Paul Heidebrecht

Classis Ontario - Rev. Peter Burrill (President), Rev. Stan Seagren,
          Mrs.Teresa Dekker and Mr. Dirk Vermeulen

Treasurer - Mr. Klaas Slagter

Stated Clerk -  Mr. Henry Bruines


God bless you!

John Kapteyn,
Executive Secretary

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